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At the Miller, Fidler & Hinke Insurance Agency, our passion is business, specifically, your business. It's the reason we're so hands on with our clients when it comes to every aspect of their business. The questions and conversations you'll have with us help you make decisions about coverages that are in place along with what's needed. One misstep in insurance and the business is in jeopardy-we understand that.


We also understand that you can "buy" insurance from anyone. Luckily, that's not the primary objective for us. It's about building relationships with our clients so that we become trusted advisors when it's time to make a decision that may impact your business today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now. It's about connecting you with the right people in our network who can help your business thrive. It's about us helping to improve your bottom line just as much as you help to improve ours.


After all, businesses require great partnerships - and for the past 30years the people at Miller, Fidler & Hinke Insurance Agency have partnered with the best in the industry. We look forward to partnering with you.

Areas of Excellence

Logan Galloway joins Miller, Fidler & Hinke Insurance Agency as Personal Lines Manager


The Billiard Factory

"The Miller, Fidler & Hinke Insurance Agency continually offers an extremely high level of service while beating the competition's prices. His services have helped our business grow and have allowed us to remain flexible in today's ever changing economic environment."

Brandon Bowers, CFO




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